According to the PMI Observatory, the overall turnover of the Euronext Growth Milan market for the year 2020 stands at 4.9 billion euros (4.98 billion in 2019). Also for the effect of the impact of  Covid-19 emergency, revenues recorded an average increase of +3%, with a foreign share of 32%, while EBITDA recorded a reduction  (average) of -8% and the EBITDA Margin averaged 11.3%.

From the analysis of revenues, it emerges that the increase affected 48% of companies: of these, 35% recorded growth rates of up to 20%, while 9% between 50% and 100%. The distribution of companies for 2020 revenues shows 82% of companies has revenues below 50 million euros, while 5% exceeds 100 million euros.

65% of companies reported a positive net result. 29 companies distribute dividends in 2021, for a total amount of €53.5 million (approximately €68.7 million in 2020) and an average dividend yield of 2.1% (2.8% in 2020).

Euronext Growth Milan employs 19,600 employees (an average of 147), with an average growth of 3% compared to 2019 and 62% up on the IPO date.